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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time Does FLY!!

Well its wed night. and three days into week two.. I have seen a lot of pts between Port Maria ER and Health center and today made it to Annotto Bay ER... Saw the usual run of the mill URIs and fevers.. with a sprinkling of the common tinea and scabies.. But my case of the day was a 3 y/o with green penile discharge??? really. I had to call in back up.. I had never seen this before in someone so young.. with a negative urine DIP We swabbed and sent for cultures and treated him for the usual suspects...AND got social work on the case.. However i was told it takes a week for the cx to come back so we will see...

There is definitely a real need here and the all the doctors and nurses are very friendly and forthcoming and tell us they are happy that we are there to help out..
Pediatricians are in severe shortage over here therefore the kids are usually seen by the general practitioners. Even the some of the wards are covered by them. I am hoping that as the word gets out more pediatric residents interested in international medicine will want to volunteer. ON average I have been seeing between 15- 20 pts a day, some days more some days less.. But well worth the experience.. I am learning a lot about the health care system here and also getting a chance to see a lot of interesting cases. Having to treat the kids with limited resources is a bit tricky but has to be done..

NOW WE all know ......all work and no play makes TAYO a dull girl so...

Last weekend I went scuba Diving and explored a ship wreck.. I had a so much fun and if I pay thirty bucks I can get the dive on video( not sure i want to though). I was a bit apprehensive since i haven't been since 2005.. I will do it again this weekend...

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