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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today was the first day at Annotto Bay Children's clinic.

We arrived a little early..well ...cause we had Gonzales get us there.. MAN I thought at any moment we would take off and orbit for a while around the moon before crashing back down to earth and end the terror. But we arrived safe and sound. LOL...

Patients rolled in, we had mostly well baby checks coming for their two week follow ups as well as F/U from hospitalizations and Asthma follow ups. Case of the day was a 5 y/o lil girl who had severe developmental delay and seizure disorder who came in with a ?2 week history of not passing stools and now presenting with occassional NB/NB vomiting none X 2 days)... easy peasy... Her vitals were stable, she was well hydrated and her physical exam was very benign... good bowel sounds and all..I was gonna give her some miralax and gave instructions to F/U in one mo. However, her parents then started asking me for information about homes that they could send her to. Her father said that they were no longer able to provide for her and wanted to put her in a place that could. From all the interaction that I observed between them, both parents seemed to really love their daughter. I was confused, Plus i needed to call in the Calvary if they were serious.. I had no Idea about how this would work in Jamaica.... I Spoke with Dr Ramos ( the pediatrician at Annotto Bay), who informed me that there were really no resources on this side of the island for this... and that the fam was well know to him and has broached this subject to him on numerous occasions but never really went through with it... He also says that they really love their daughter but need just a little help that is often needed with Special Needs kids. Even harder to do here since the resources are very scarce.. So on behalf of the family who is willing to take any donations in any form ( Formula, pedialyte, diapers, stroller for a larger special needs child, Clothes for a girl, etc).. Please contact me if you are able and willing to help out.. I know there will be two residents next mo, so if ur looking for a way to contribute this may be it..

Miss Shaneka ( permission given by parents)

OK its late, I'm going to go in search of food at the buffet..

I head to Port Antonio hospital tmrw, the birth place of my grandfather...

Good NIght..

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