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Monday, February 14, 2011


Howdy yall, And Happy Valentines day if ur into that kind of stuff

Hope you all had a great weekend.. I Know i did... Went horse back riding on Sat.. Didn't get a chance to learn wind surfing. cuz there was nooo wind.. kinda a necessity...LOL.. got in some R&R.

Arrived at POrt Maria A&E ready for business at 830ish... But however, did not see my first pt until 10:30.. ?? Thats ok.. It seemed that they register pts and keep them up front for some time before they send them back to my lil room.. But when it rains it pours... I only saw 21 pt today... 9 0f which were URIs and then there was the abundance of tineas, Otitis, strep throat, flu like illnesses and gastroenteritis.. OH i almost forgot there were a few stable asthma pts as well... Case of the day was a 4 y/o male who was hit in the eye with a knife by a friend the day before... OK well not really the eye.. he was lucky as snot.. it hit him in the lower lid and it was thrown by a 1 yr old neighbor so it really missed all the vital stuff. However, as i was taking my history and questioning the person that brought him she tells me she has no idea about his past medical hx, allergies, ect.. that she is only the friend of the mother... SO I asked her well where is his mother.. she went to work! so why are you here with him?? Because his mother said since my child hit him, she said I had to bring him.... HHMMM.. OK.. Well good news for him was that by my preliminary exam, HIS EYEBALL was intact, vision was fine, there were no obvious corneal abrasions ( I had no access to flouricine to really check), and he was not experiencing any pain.. THE bad news was the when I pulled his eye lid down he looked like he had a pocket of pus in on the inner lower lid (which corresponded to the small lac on the outer lid) that neither I was equiped or experienced to deal with.. SO it looked like the wound was becoming infected.. I asked the DOC in the ED and she said that his best bet was to refer him to Bustamante Eye clinic in Kingston... ( really far).. SO that they could drain it.. I tried to explain this to the young girl that was there with him and for her to tell the mother.. He was sent out with antibiotics and a referral.... I hope that they take him for a complete eye exam....

I have been eating like a pig at the resort.... I will have to hit the gym hard when I get back to NOLA...

well off to bed now... ttyl

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