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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fridays finished???

Where did the week go??

Already Friday already the weekend.... slow down time..PLS

We went to Port Antonio today ( we didn't have Gonzales TUG - thank u GOD)... it is a 2 hr drive from the hotel.... but a beautiful 2 hr ride... Plus i had my book along to occupy time.... ( BTW great book.. ).. Port Antonio Hospital sits on a hill (mountain) and has a gorgeous view of the water.. there is so much greenery here, it really is just Beautiful....

I went to the Peds ward while Michael went to clinic.. The PD ward here was bigger than the other hospitals ( or seemed to be) and was overflowing with patients... I worked with the GP there and gave advice on a few of the pts.. Interesting cases included a 7 y/o with complete white out of the right lung on Xray and a 2 week history if high fevers.. she was being transferred to Bustamante in KIngston for CT surgery for a possible drainage of her plural effusion... There was also a 16 mo old with a very croupy like cough who i suggested racemic epi and decadron...otherwise there seemed to be an out break of gastroenteritis. I was told that they try not to give AGE any antiemetic ( which we hand out like water in the ER in the US) and that they will admit for fluids...a lil 2 mo old who was only 2.7 kgs (FTT)...but had been growing appropriately since he had been hospitalized...I think mom needed some more education on feeding..

Michael had prepared a lecture on Asthma to give during lunch.. HOWEVER... no one showed up for it.. a lil disappointing. so he will try again next week...I will prepare one for fluids and dehydration for a possible presentation....

The journey home was long as well...and we have been getting rides from random people...NO biggie as long as its not Gonzales...

Was listening to the radio on our ride and they were talking about lame pick up lines.... some notable ones were
--gul u must be barbwire...cuz i just cant get over u..
--gul, u just like diarrhea, u just keep getting away ( or something like that)
LOL... I wish some one would say this silliness to me.. LOL..

Gonna go horseback riding tmrw then maybe learn how to wind surf... COOL..

tata for now

OH yeah , I found a phone book and have about 20 numbers of persons with my grandfathers last name.. I will try calling some tmrw.. feeling like Nancy Drew...

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