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Sunday, February 20, 2011

LAST week

Good day,
It is the begining of the last week... I am not yet gone and already I dont want to go home.. LOL.. I cant belive how fast the month went.

I am looking forward to the last week. we will do two days at Port Maria, and then two at Annotto Bay..

Last wednesday, We waited an extra 45 min for out ride to Annotto bay. I was assigned to the PD ward where they are having an out break of AGE. (similar to Port Antonio last week, they also had a couple of pneumonias, and a kid with seizure ( likely due to DPH either overdose or withdrawl)all of which were doing well. Rounds ran for about 4 hrs. Then i went down to the A and E to help out...

Annotto Bay was mostly well baby clinic, and a few asthma visits...Had an early day and made it back to the hotel in time for step class..

Friday... oh friday...The clinic at port Antonio is a lot slower than Annotto Bay or Port Maria, but we basically see the same kind of patients.. Follow ups from hospitalization, URI, Stomach pains, sprains Knees, and poor appitite ( the lil boy was > 95% for weight). My colleague Dr Gleason was able to give his Presentation which I think was beneficial to the staff that showed...They asked a lot of relevant questions and we were able to compare our management techniques...

Had a great weekend and look forward to my last week here.... Of all the sites we have been privileged to visit.. I feel the most useful at Port Maria...I hope that they will be able to get more help especially in the pediatric department... until then they are very thankful for us helping out.. I hope we are able to continue filling that void with pediatric residents until that time...

well i'm off to bed...
good night

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