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Monday, June 24, 2013

Port Maria was busy today, worked in the ED and saw a lot of stuff.  Remember the little girl with the potential UTI?  Her Mom did follow the advice given her and took her to the lab to get the work done and followed up today.  And lo and behold, she did have positive leukocytes.  So it's a good thing she followed through.  This is probably a case of the child wiping back to front, instead of front to back, so it probably does not need a further work up.  Just a little anticipatory guidance and all should be ok.

Then another boy stepped on a sewing needle that was on the floor, it broke off, and the sharp end was presumably still in his foot.  You could feel a foreign body, but you couldn't see it anywhere.  He was sent for xray and this story will be continued if he comes back tomorrow when I am there.  I don't really look forward to finding the needle in the haystack!

Another boy stepped on a nail and had a nasty abscess, he was none to pleased to have us touch that!  Let alone the tetanus shot he got, oh and the IV.  He had calmed down by then, and accepted his fate.  I don't think he really wants to follow up tomorrow with me, we will see if he does!

Stay tuned!

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  1. As a follow up for those who stay tuned, there was no follow up for these kids, they were lost to my care, anyway!! I hope they got service at Annotto Bay. I heard from one of the boys neighbors that his abscess on the foot was getting better. Thank goodness for that piece of news! Lot of foot problems here where many people walk, and some walk barefoot.