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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 2 Steve was right.  The driver said the people didn't know the doctor was here so they didn't come.  Well word got out through the grapevine I guess.  I was busy most of the day in the ED.  In fact the ED was filled with both adults and kids.  Most of it was the usual stuff, coughs and colds, wounds and abdominal pain.  Most of the parents switch to English for me, luckily, and then say something I can't understand to the child.  It's the doctors that are hard to understand LOL! For me anyway! 

One little boy came in and I heard him coughing in the waiting room.  It sounded like that tight asthmatic cough.  Luckily he came in early.....he was there all day.  Never had asthma his Mom said, she was surprised that his reaction was so severe.  He actually had to be admitted before I left, we couldn't clear him and he sat at 94% thoughout the day after several treatments.

Another little girl had a little burning "down there" and I had to send her to the lab because the dipsticks only check for protein and glucose......and then, the lab closed at 11am so we couldn't check for UTI!  Hope she can get it done.  Her mom said she had to work today and didn't want to take her out of school another day.  So another little medical drama.  What to do.  Treat her for UTI?  Or send her home with anticipatory guidance and lots of fluids?  You don't want to miss a UTI.  She wasn't wiping correctly so we gave her that info.  A few sitz baths perhaps?

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