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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Day 3, 645am and I get a phone call that my driver is here.  Whew, was luckily almost ready anyway, but still a bit earlier than expected!  May have to do room service for tomorrow.  Crammed in some cereal and yogurt and off to Annotto Bay.  Met Dr. Ramos and Dr. Fisher and Dr. Blake and Dr. Ravi. They all asked me to send regards to all the ISSA doctors and nurses. Hey Firas Rabi, Dr. Ramos gives you a special high five! (he said you'd know what he meant).  They are all very nice!  They discussed some of the difficulties getting studies on the very tiniest babies in the "NICU"/Peds ward.  They ran out of pediatric culture bottles, so they go without getting blood cultures on the potentially critically ill babies.  Well I just happened to have the administrator of the hospital give me a ride home and I casually mentioned this issue.  I thought perhaps a little advocacy may be helpful.  She said she would look into it, I know she is very busy, but she appeared concerned and I hope follow up will take place.  Cross your fingers.  Yah mon.

As I took a tour of the facilities, I didn't realize Hurricane Sandy hit Jamaica pretty hard last year, especially Annotto Bay.  The Maternity Ward roof collapsed and damaged the building significantly.  They are now in recontruction of that ward and other places around the site.  Of course in the US, New Jersey, New York were also hit pretty hard by that Hurricane, billions of dollars of damage, etc, etc.  Wow, hurricanes really make for hardship long distances apart!

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