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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hello all,
I've never blogged before but I'm gonna give it a try..
I will be starting my month in Jamaica tomorrow, And I am very excited.... I have been following Jessica's Blog and it seems as if i will have my work cut out for me.. BUT I look forward to that.
I am barely finished packing and my plane leaves at 6 am.. I still meed to make copies of my passport and other important documents before I go..
Since I have never been to Jamaica before, I am looking forward to helping out at the clinics, meeting the people, enjoying the weather, eating local cuisine. And if I have time, searching for family that I do not know (nor do they know me or of me).. ... My Grandfather is Jamaican and was born in Port Antonio...Apparently he is under the impression that everyone at the airport will know our family..SO I'll see about that..;-) lol

It is definitely a privilege to be able to be apart of the Issatrust foundation, and I hope that I can encourage more residents to volunteer.... we just need to get the word out..

OK... THAT'S all for now Folks....
I will blog again once in Jamaica..

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