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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Arrival to Jamaica

After half a day of traveling from San Jose, California, 2 stops, and being delayed at Miami Airport, I finally arrived to Jamaica very very late last night. On top of that, my check-in baggage was missing, so I spent my first night in Jamaica unbathed and without any clothing change. However, when I arrived at the resort, everyone here was so incredibly accomodating and understanding. The manager of the resort even offered me a free shopping spree at the gift shop so I can have change of clothes. I moved into the private villa today, and it is FABULOUS! I was informed by the front desk that my baggage should be delivered to the resort this evening....thank goodness! I was very worried since I have my clothes, toiletry, books, medications, and medical equipments in that bag. Anyhow, rough start but I'm so thankful to be here. Jamaica is so beautiful! I'm very excited to start work tomorrow. Let the month begin!

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